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"You Only Get One Chance To Make A Great First Impression"

A Personal Fashion Stylist For You:

Scot Fontaine Fashion Stylist, Costume Designer & Personal Stylist
As much as we would all like to believe this isn't true, everyone can recall moments in life where that first impression meant everything. Just think about this for a moment. Your big job interview, your first date, meeting a business partner for the first time or even just a movie trailer for that movie everyone is talking about. A great first impression leaves us with a "WOW!" feeling. You walk away from that interview, first date or business meeting with confidence. You know you "nailed it" and feel great about yourself. What would it mean if you could walk into any situation knowing you are going to make an amazing first impression? Would you have the confidence to go after that big promotion? Would it help eliminate the pressure of a first date, interview, or perfect night out with your spouse or partner?

A major factor in making a good first impression is based upon your appearance. Yes, us humans can be rather shallow sometimes and not everyone can look past appearance. What if I told you that making that great first impression has as much to do with how you feel about yourself as it does what you are wearing? If you think about it a moment, you'll know what I'm talking about it. Think about that one outfit you have that makes you feel amazing about yourself, the clothes are right, the hair is perfect and you look in the mirror and swell with confidence. The confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best is all a part of making that great first impression. and Scot Fontaine are experienced Fashion & Wardrobe Stylists that help personal clients just like you find their personal style and confidence every day. Check out our Fashion Stylist Portfolio to see some examples of how we have helped others feel amazing every day.

Movie Costume Design for Short & Featured Films:

Scot Fontaine's love of movies and the short and featured films led him to work on his first short film, "The Beautiful People" directed by John Commare and Doug McDade in 2009. This ignited a passion for working with artists, directors, writers and producers as a Costume Designer to help them realize their dream of producing the perfect modern or period film project. Scot has gone on to work on fourteen different short and featured films including award winning movies like The Sad Café, Souls of Mischief, CUTeEGRL, A Chance In Hell and QWERTY.

Scot Fonatine & have worked in genres ranging from Action/Adventure to Comedy, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction and Thrillers. Check out the pages in the Film Portfolio section of our site to see examples of our work.
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