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Scot's Work As A Wardrobe Stylist & Costume Designer On The Film QWERTY

The moment I finished reading the script for QWERTY, I knew this was a project I should be involved with. I first met actress Dana Pupkin to review the script and brainstorm ideas for her character, Zoe. The challenge, and one of the greatest rewards, of being a Costume Designer working in film is developing the vision of the writers, producers and directors while finding the perfect wardrobe for each character. It is amazing when everything comes together and you find the perfect balance to reflect the vision of the film while making the actor or actress feel the soul of their character. Making them look amazing in the process is a great feeling of accomplishment that makes the work extremely fulfilling. Dana was wonderful to work and we quickly learned our vision of Zoe matched completely.

I always find it amazing to bring the outfits, wardrobe styles and vision of the film together breathing life into each character of a film. Dana's transformation into Zoe is one of the many fond memories I have from working on QWERTY. My favorite part of her costumes is a pair of brown boots you'll find her wearing in a few of the scenes. Tory Spelling wore the boots on an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. It didn't take long for the boots to be affectionately referred to as "The Tory Boots" whenever they were needed for a scene. You can catch a quick glimpse of these boots in the film stills and trailer below.

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